The Torrens Valley Association of Christian Education was founded to support Christian families in the nurture of their children.  A partnership established between the home, church and school to provide education which is built on a Christian worldview.


The board of the Torrens Valley Association of Christian Education are people who share a deep commitment to the vision and mission of the school and who take on the responsibility of ensuring it is maintained and promoted.

The association holds the critical responsibility of electing people from amongst its members to be custodians (The Board) of the school and its Christian foundation.  The Board acts as an interface between management and staff who make the day to day operational decisions and the association parents, who set the direction and policies of the school. The board is responsible for the overall governance of the school and provides direction in partnership with the principal and staff.

We currently have 6 members serving as directors on our board

  1. Tim Adams (Chair)
  2. Jane Dewing (Deputy Chair)
  3. Caleb Swartz (Treasurer)
  4. Heather Spalding (Secretary)
  5. Dawie Jansen van Vuuren
  6. Marzelle Delport

Ex-officio members:

  1. Julie Prattis (Principal)