We are committed to the spiritual development of each individual as they discover their own               God-given gifts and abilities and grow in their understanding of God.

Our Service

Our students have increased opportunities to lead worship. We have a Primary Worship Band and a Senior Worship Band (Revampt) in addition to the Middle School Worship Band, which are growing from strength to strength. One or more of these groups of enthusiastic students participates in our assemblies each week. In addition, students share bible readings, prayers, testimonies, dance, drama and devotions at assemblies, in the classroom and at special events such as camps and community performances including regular visits to our neighbours in the Lutheran Homes. We encourage students to view their daily lives and learning as an act of worship as they grow to know, love and serve God.

Our fortnightly Primary Worship assemblies are one of the highlights for the primary children. Each class is given the opportunity to lead a worship assembly, to lead the singing and prayers and to share with the other classes what they have been learning in their class about God’s creation and their part in it.

Middle School Student Quotations:

Worship band was designed to bring glory to our loving Father. It is a wonderful chance for me to proclaim my love for Him through music, because I love playing the piano. It’s brilliant to be in a team whose focus is to worship Him, and also leading others in worship is such a blessing! Gloria, Year 9

We have formed a worship band so that others and ourselves can connect with God through worship and feel His presence among us. I belong to the worship band because it gives me the opportunity to express my love for God through music. It’s one of the ways I connect with Him most and I really like sharing my love for Him with others. It’s amazing! I really enjoy using my talents (that God has given me) to lead others in worship, knowing we have so much to thank Him for. Laura, Year 8