Torrens Valley Christian School provides an environment for young people to develop a personal understanding of God and how to live in relationship with Him.

Our Worship

We seek to educate our students from a distinctly biblical worldview.

Our school provides a Christ-centred approach to everything that is taught and invites young people to see and understand the world through the perspective of God’s truth.

Our Christian values permeate the curriculum. Whether it’s learning how to run a 400 metre race, to spell “rendezvous” or learning to factorise a polynomial, we provide an understanding that Christianity is relevant to all aspects of life.

Young people are encouraged to view the whole of life through the lens of God’s truth. The Bible provides the big picture of God’s redemptive love, culminating in the ‘good news’ of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, ascension and enthronement in heaven as Lord of his people and of creation.

Central to this worldview is an understanding that the Bible is the unfolding narrative of God’s single, sovereign, revelation for his creation.

Christian Life
Our school is committed to educating children to follow Christ, in every area of life. It is our desire to train them to see and embrace God’s truth, to love others because God first loved them in Christ and to be followers of Jesus who acknowledge the lordship of Christ in their lives.

Foundational to this is the understanding that the Bible is the basis of life and education and is central to all that occurs in the school. Just as the gospel shapes the love we experience in our school community, it also shapes our teaching practices, rationale, outcomes, the learning process, curriculum , pastoral care as well as our policies and structures. All staff are committed to modelling the Christian ethos of the school.

Daily devotions in Care Groups and classes are a normal part of school routine and the school community regularly join together for times of prayer and worship. Staff commence each day with Staff Devotions as they pray and read the Scriptures.

As part of the weekly delivery of curriculum, all students participate in Bible lessons. These lessons, along with assemblies and student-led worship and prayer, assist students to develop an understanding of the Christian faith giving them opportunity to develop a personal relationship with God and learn how to live in relationship with Him and others.

Pastoral Care
We are committed to providing a safe environment where each child is valued and nurtured. Our pastoral program aims to develop students’ potential and promote their social, emotional and behavioural well-being.

We seek to foster respect for oneself and others, self discipline, self control and cooperation with, and encouragement of, others. This promotes a safe environment that is conducive to learning, personal growth and positive self worth.

Strong behavioural expectations ensure that responsible behaviours are modelled and explicitly taught in order to create a safe, respectful environment.

Supporting students is integral to our educational philosophy and our Chaplain and Student Welfare Team work closely with our students and their families.

There is also a comprehensive network of professionals to whom families can be referred if additional support is needed.