“The Lord God has provided for us year by year in just the right way – His way: never too much, to keep us prayerful and alert, and never too little, to keep us thankful and content with the courage to go on.” Brian van Wageningen, Board Chair 1980 – 2000

Our Story

We acknowledge God’s blessings for our school and honor the past founding families who through dedication and hard work gave us a firm foundation on which to stand, and a vision and a faith that continues to strengthen with each generation.

The founding families of Torrens Valley Christian School comprised of members from the Reformed Church of Adelaide, who remained faithful and obedient to the calling of God to establish a school that would provide a Christ-centred education. These Godly people believed that Christian Education should be based on the Word of God and that there should be a strong partnership between parents and the school.

We celebrate God’s provision to our Christian community. As we have continued to be obedient to his calling, he has blessed us with growth in student numbers, wonderful facilities and resources and a vibrant future.

Pivotal Moments in Our History
1978  Christians from the Reformed Church of Adelaide, Campbelltown, feel called by God to establish a Christ-centered school. The Torrens Valley Association for Christian Parent Controlled Education Inc. is formed on 16 March 1978.

1979  The Reformed Church of Adelaide grants the Board permission to use the church facilities rent free and the Campbelltown Council gives approval for the buildings to be used as a school for up to 50 children, in August 1979.

1980  Jenny Sexton takes up the call to teach and 14 children arrive for school on the first day of term. The school opening is conducted by Rev. Bill Deenick and receives a significant amount of press coverage.

1982  Marian Shepherd joins the school as its second teacher. A contract is signed in February with the SA Urban Land Trust for a five acre block of land in Hope Valley. The school logo is introduced, designed by William Vaatstra. The School grows from 14 children to 42.

1983  The Board appoints Peter van der Schoor as Principal in January.

1984  The school is relocated to the new premises on the land on Grand Junction Road, Hope Valley. Four log cabin classrooms and a brick toilet block are erected. The school motto is introduced– In Christ – Wisdom and Knowledge based on Colossians 2:3. The school uniform is introduced with the colours of blue, red and white.

1985  The Board receives strong parental support for developing a Secondary program. Year 8 is introduced and an additional block of three log cabin buildings are erected. Enrolments rise to 128 early in 1985.

1986  A main office, Staffroom, Science laboratory, Home Economics and Classroom block, built around the brick toilets are completed early in 1986. Teaching staff increase to 15. The student population rises to 200 students.

1987  Peter van der Schoor resigns to accept a call to a small Christian school in Tasmania. Log cabin buildings are erected to accommodate the development of a Year 11 and Year 12 program. Vere Fulwood, the school’s first Senior Secondary teacher is employed.

1988  Bob Stunell is appointed as Principal. Hugh Walker joins the school as its first full-time Bursar. Enrolments rise to 282. Year 11 commences.

1989  The first Year 12 students graduate. The School receives a government grant of $264,000 to assist with the financing of additional buildings – a second toilet block, more classrooms, and improvements to the grounds. Vere Fulwood, the school’s first Senior Secondary teacher, passes away, after a long illness.
An annual award, the Vere Fulwood Award is established to commemorate the significant contribution made by him in the establishment of the School’s secondary curriculum.

1991  Peter Thomson is appointed as the School’s first Deputy Principal.

1993  The School receives its second government building grant of $620,000 for the construction of a new resource centre, administration area and Staffroom. There are 368 students and 37 staff.

1994  A new double story building is dedicated to the Glory of God by the chairman of the Board and officially opens, Sunday 6 March 1994 with a plaque unveiling by the Hon Peter Duncan MP. The position of Deputy Principal is changed to Assistant Principal and Peter Wyatt is appointed to the position. A Middle School is established from Years 7 to 9.

1996  Bob Stunell retires in July and Andrew Mackenzie is appointed as Principal.

1997  Wayne Garrett is appointed as Bursar as Hugh Walker accepts a position in Geelong.

1998  An extension of the undercover area is added and two new Middle School classrooms constructed. The computer centre is extended, providing access to new technologies. The school has grown to 450 students with 49 staff and a budget of $2,000,000.

1999  Ralph Byles is appointed Business Manager.

2000  Brian van Wageningen steps down as Board Chair. John Flack becomes Board Chair.

2001  The school works on a master plan to accommodate the school’s growth. Due to economic considerations the plans to purchase the Holden Hill Primary School are set a side. A new staff car park is laid in the northern corner of the school.

2002  New transportable primary classrooms are placed in the north western part of the school including three classrooms on the western basketball courts next to Primary toilets. Middle School log cabins are extended with a waterproof pergola. Enrolments reach 620 students.

2004  Nigel Bennett is appointed as Principal, following Andrew Mackenzie’s resignation to take up the position of Principal in Victoria. Ralph Byles retires and Douglas Duff takes the Business Manager role. A new School Leadership structure is put in place and Fergus McGinley is appointed to the new position of Years 7 – 12 Deputy Principal. Another two new transportable primary classes are placed on the basketball courts. New basketball courts are re-laid and the playground is relocated to facilitate this move. Enrolments reach 600 students with 65 staff.

2005  Torrens Valley Christian School celebrates 25 years of Christian Education with special events. A Gala Dinner is held, with special guests, all previous Principals, Marion Shepard and Jenny Sexton and many past and present staff, leaders, Board members and students. A time capsule is built by John Fox holding work from every student. A Community fair celebrates the 25th year of the school.

2006  The new Design and Technology Centre is opened, including a new ICT room. Two more Primary classrooms are added along the back, north western boundary. Praise and worship assemblies are held in the newly renovated Hope Valley Uniting Church. John Flack stands down as Board Chair and Andrew Ferguson replaces him. Business Manager Douglas Duff leaves and is replaced by Trevor Radbone.

2007  One more Primary transportable classroom is added to the back, north western boundary.
The school’s first chaplain, pastor Chris Roberts commences.

2008  The Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd visits the school’s Tech Centre on 27 October.
The first primary musical is held at the Hope Valley Uniting Church. The first Canberra trip for Year 10 students is held.

2009  Primary Deputy Principal, Peter Wyatt, retires and is succeeded by Caroline Duell. Business Manager Trevor Radbone leaves and Gary John takes on the role. Significant building grants see substantial facility upgrades throughout, with an extension to the existing Resource Centre, the provision of a new Staff Room and a renovation of the Administration Building. The famous “log cabins” that have characterised the school since its inception are removed. Middle School moves to the undercover area. Work starts on new building development of the Secondary School.

2010  Torrens Valley Christian School celebrates 30 years of Christian Education with twilight Family Funday and Gala Dinner. Students add memorabilia to the Time Capsule, particularity students in Year 1 and 2 who will be in Year 11 and 12, when opened in 2020. A new logo and branding for the school are launched. Jane Dewing becomes the Board Chair. New buildings open in the Secondary School with the addition of specialist Art rooms, Music facilities, a weights room, Science labs and classroom facilities. A new Middle School classroom is added to the undercover area. A new arched cover structure replaces the split pergola in Middle School. The School computing network is substantially upgraded to Wi-Fi. Laptop computers are supplied to Year 12 students. Student population grows to 580 students.

2011  As part of the Government’s Building Education Revolution initiative, new music suites, Mathematics and Physics classrooms, a school hall with accompanying kitchen facilities, mezzanine area, sports’ office space and storage is built. The Home Economics rooms are redeveloped.

2012  Nigel Bennett resigns. Senior School in its original building is refurbished inside and re-clad outside. A second primary playground opens.

2013  Julie Prattis commences as Principal, moving from Canberra to take up the role. New school Chaplain, Margaret Garland, starts. Middle School classrooms are extended and refurbished.  An annual rural trip to Sanderston is introduced and TVCS participates in the inaugural Chrisitian Schools Games in Queensland.

2014  Two adjacent properties in Armbuster Street are purchased plus there is extensive refurbishment of the Reception classrooms, the Secondary building and Uniform Shop, the creation of a welfare space and the renovation of Middle School offices. A senior school subject selection expo is initiated. The school reaches a record enrolment of 640 students.

2015  A new Website is launched.  Our German Cultural Trip resumes. . The School hosts an inaugural Pastor’s Breakfast with 42 Pastors and Church leaders attending. David Pols, middle school teacher passes away suddenly after a short illness.