It is our firm belief that God has a great plan and purpose for each of our students, and that it is our exciting task at Torrens Valley Christian School, with parents, to help them to begin to discover what these are.

Senior Curriculum

Years 10, 11 and 12 are the climax of all the effort and inspiration of our students’ learning in Primary and Middle School. They are the years when they embark on their journey through the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE), and when they really start to sort out their special gifts and talents, and prepare to leave to enter the world of tertiary study and work.Our core values in Senior School are the great Biblical calls to:

  • Stewardship – caring for and developing God’s creation (Genesis 1:26-28).
  • Discipleship – growing as disciples of Jesus, and taking the good news of Jesus out to the world (Matthew 28:18-20).
  • Living well – wholesome talk, and care of others with love being the key ingredient (Ephesians 4: 29 to 5:2).

Our fundamental aim is to send each of our students out into the world ready and able to lead a happy and fulfilling life, serving God, and making a difference in the world. We hope that Senior School and SACE will not be the end of their education, but that they will become life-long learners, continuing to grow in their understanding and love of God and His creation.