We model and encourage the development of lifelong, healthy positive attitudes to participation in physical activity, be it competitive sport or leisure activity. Our approach is sensitive to the needs and level of development of students.


The Physical Education and sport programs provide for involvement in physical activity that promotes immediate and long-term benefits to the participant. These benefits can be observed in terms of the satisfaction, levels of fitness, better health and pleasurable social involvement derived from individual and group skill performance. It is widely recognised that physical activity is an essential requirement for achieving a level of healthy behaviour, which leads to a feeling of personal well-being and contributes to efficient physiological functioning.

Our school recognises two types of sport: co-curricular and extra-curricular. Co-curricular sport includes competitive activities which are extensions of the physical education program, or are set events within the school calendar. These include: Athletics Sports Days, Primary School Fun Days, Swimming Carnival and Swimming lessons (for primary-aged students)

Extra-curricular sports are activities that are run outside of school hours, under the auspices of Torrens Valley Christian School.

The PE/Sport Programme

Reception to Year 6: every class participates in two 40 minute lessons per week.

Year 7/8: classes have two practical lessons and one Health lesson a week.

Year 9/10: classes have two practical lessons and one Health lesson a week. In Year 10, students can elect to study a semester of PE Theory, in preparation for the Stage 1 course.

Stage 1 (Year 11) and Stage 2 (Year 12): students participate in five lessons per week, covering both practical and theoretical components of sports. This includes studies in anatomy, components of fitness, skill acquisition and biomechanics.

During Physical Education lessons, students will have access to the traditional sports in which Torrens Valley Christian School competes against other schools, as listed below,as well as:

Funtastics (for Receptions) Dance
Volleyball Hockey
Wrestling Weights/Circuit Training
Archery Minor games
Speedball American Football
European Handball Kayaking
Teeball/Softball/Baseball Rock Climbing
Ultimate (Frisbee) Self Defence
Sofcrosse Gymnastics

Outside of Physical Education lessons, students at Torrens Valley Christian School have the opportunity to participate in interschool competitions for:

Athletics Soccer
Swimming Badminton
Table Tennis Triathlon
Cross Country Futsal
Touch Cricket
Australian Rules Football Tennis
Basketball Orienteering
Netball Indoor Cricket