Enhancing educational outcomes for students


Torrens Valley Christian School’s German cultural and language immersion trip is an exciting and wonderful opportunity for our Year 8-12 students who study German to appreciate first-hand some of God’s most beautiful creation. Students will be immersed in the German language improving their proficiency as they read, speak and listen to native speakers. Students’ knowledge and understanding of the German language, culture and extensive history, which is taught in the classroom, will become a personal experience, bringing it to life.

Traveling in a foreign country develops skills in budgeting and self-management, calculating exchange rates and your own self-awareness will increase as you build lifelong friendships with your host family. There will be a range of new, challenging, fun and unforgettable experiences which is simply not available for the vast majority of Australian students.

Included in the 3 week trip is travel around Germany, Austria and Switzerland, (including stays in Berlin, Nuremburg, Munich, Salzburg and the Swiss Alps) taking in the sights, culture and the history of these beautiful countries, 2 days in the Rhineland including a cruise along the Rhine and one week Homestay in Bremen, Germany.

2019 German Expression of interest form