We support parents in their role as prime educators to the glory of God.

Book an Interview

Parent-Teacher Interviews, for Primary students in Reception to Year 6, are held in Week 10 Term 1 and Week 10 Term 3. Interviews can be booked between 3.30pm and 7.30pm

Parent-Teacher Interviews, for students in Year 7 to 12, are held in Week 1 Term 2 and Week 1 Term 4. Interviews can be booked between 3.45pm and 7.45pm. Students should accompany parents to interviews.
Please book interviews with any of your student’s subject teachers or their care group teacher. Especially look out for any “interview required” ticks on your student’s Report, and make sure you book interviews with the teachers in question. Middle School students should of course have an interview with their Core Studies teacher.

To book a Parent-Teacher interview a school ‘Event Code’ will be sent to you advising when Parent-Teacher interviews are due, enter the ‘Event Code’ when booking through www.schoolinterviews.com.au

If you haven’t received your school ‘Event Code’
Please contact the Front Office
Phone: 8265 2077
Email: admin@tvcs.sa.edu.au