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SEQTA Engage

For our Secondary parents we continue to promote Seqta Engage. It is your window into your student’s school program. Through the Seqta Engage web portal, parents can catch up with live information on:

  • The lesson-by-lesson teaching program in each of their students’ subjects, including attached resources and context sheets for assessments and homework tasks.
  • Grades and feedback on all their assessments (you even receive an alert every time a new grade arrives).
  • Student attendance data by lesson, including the ability to resolve unexplained absences.
  • Summary of student behavioral records and Pastoral care information.

In addition, parents are able to communicate with their students’ teachers using the Direqt messaging system, which is an internal email system.

Every parent receives their own secure log-on to the main educational and administrative program used by teachers and students at the school.

You can download the Coneqt-P guided tour document here.
You can watch the overview video here.

Login to Seqta Engage by clicking the graphic below…

Parent Login