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If you are having trouble accessing Seqta Engage please check the following:

  • I do not have or have forgotten my logon details. (Contact your student’s Care Group Teacher, or our IT Manager)
  • Have I typed my logon and password correctly (Pay particular attention to the difference between the letter ‘O’ and a zero ‘0’)
  • Do I have a browser version listed below?
    • Mozilla Firefox – Current stable version and Extended Support Release (Desktop and Android versions)
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer– versions 8, 9, 10 (Desktop versions)
    • Apple Safari – Latest stable release of version 6 (Desktop, iOS)
    • Google Chrome – Current stable version (Desktop)
  • Are there any settings on my router that would prevent access?

If you are still having difficulties then please don’t hesitate to contact our IT Manager, at the school. Email us and provide as much detail as you can about your operating system, your browser (including version) and any other detail that you can think of (screen shots would also be useful!)

You can also: