A valuable and integral part of our Christian School community.


The first edition of the Torrens Valley Christian School – Post Script or Past Scholars TVCS-PS newsletter was launched at the end of 2011. The definition of PS as in Post Script means – a paragraph , phrase etc, added to a letter that has already been concluded and signed by the writer; Any addition or supplement , as one appended by a writer to a book to supply further information. This seems to be apt as our  students conclude their time at Torrens Valley Christian School, this chapter has closed, but new chapters in their lives have opened. As an author adds a Postscript to their story, it is for our  students to send in your items and photos to add their own Postscript to the story. PS also, stands for Past Scholars, which fits well with our youthful Past Scholars, considering that our oldest Past Scholars only left in 1989. We email this newsletter to all our Past Scholars so keeping us up to date with your details is very important. If you didn’t receive your TVCS-PS  then we probably don’t have your emails address.

I would encourage you to consider contributing to the newsletter. Contributions can be about your successes, career choices, employment and engagements, marriages, children-Life in general.

The following documents are available to download as a PDF.