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Beyond the Classroom

From music to sport and camps to excursions, we involve our students in a diverse range of activities outside the classroom to enhance their personal growth and extend their learning.

We live and breathe our vision and encourage students to ‘become all that God has created them to be’ by offering them amazing opportunities and programs where they will thrive and grow.


Our School has a vibrant music faculty with an accomplished team of music educators. The music program provides ample opportunities for development and growth in a variety of musical areas from Reception to Year 12. We have a strong instrumental program with a team of well trained and experienced instrumental teachers. Instrumental lessons are in addition to the normal school fees. If you would like your child to receive Instrumental Lessons, please click the link below.

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The Physical Education and sport programs provide for involvement in physical activity that promotes immediate and long-term benefits to the participant. These benefits can be observed in terms of the satisfaction, levels of fitness, better health and pleasurable social involvement derived from individual and group skill performance. It is widely recognised that physical activity is an essential requirement for achieving a level of healthy behaviour, which leads to a feeling of personal well-being and contributes to efficient physiological functioning.

Student Leadership

Inspired by biblical principles of service and compassion, our student leadership program empowers young people to make a positive impact by serving Jesus across our school community.


School camps help provide a variety of activities diversifying students’ experiences and interests, ensuring every individual discovers their own God-given strengths, gifts and talents.

School of Languages

We work in partnership with School of Languages to offer our students with the opportunity to learn a new language. While in-class opportunities exist to learn German and Indonesian, the School of Languages takes place on Tuesday afternoons for those students who would like to learn Auslan, Chinese, French, Nepali or Spanish.

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Our school boasts a musical each year alternating between Primary and Secondary School. It is a truly wonderful experience for our students and performed at a very high level.

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