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The school has a strong commitment to continuous improvement and puts a great deal of energy, effort and good management into ensuring our facilities support students in their learning journey.

Our most recent efforts saw new Science and Art environments, additional Middle School classrooms, improved outdoor areas and an extension to resource centre and staff rooms. Further improvements were also made to our gymnasium and Music rooms, specialist facilities for Physical Education, Physics and Mathematics, and the refurbishment of our Home Economics centre.

School library

The library is a source of endless knowledge and our students just love the adventures that await the avid book reader.

Primary School playgrounds

Our Primary School students are encouraged to play and be active from swinging on the monkey bars to slipping down the slide. Our playgrounds are lots of fun!

The Hall / Indoor basketball court

Our Hall is used for a multitude of activities. From basketball, PE activities to assemblies, our Hall boasts of a full sized basketball court and is a great way for our students to stay active and keep cool during Summer months.

Outdoor courts

Our students bounce, skip and compete on our outdoor courts.

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