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Kayaking adventure provides unique PE experience

By Emily Morton Senior 10/05/2022

The year 12 Physical Education students recently undertook a 2 day intensive kayaking course.

A past scholar, Jack Tingey, who is now a qualified outdoor education teacher, expertly led the course at West Lakes. He took them through the Basic Skills Kayaking certificate, which is an introductory qualification received at the end of the course.

As part of the PE course, the students have an assignment collecting data evidence (photos, using heart rate monitor data etc) to compare their heart rates, stroke rates and efficiency in a longer paddle of about 70 mins each day. In this intensive assignment, they look at the factors that affect performance – such as tiredness, fatigue, weather, environmental conditions, fitness level, past experience and nutrition.

The weather was particularly cold on the excursion but the group, with the support from Mr Chris Martyn, handled the days well and picked up the skills easily. They braved the cold weather and improved immensely over the course.

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