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Middle School

Our Middle School framework has been developed in acknowledgement of the unique characteristics that students in the upper primary and lower secondary years are experiencing. The distinct developmental stage of ‘young adolescence’ presents its own challenges that require particular problem solving experience and guidance. We aim to provide students with spiritual and social development support as they navigate their way through these years of change.

Our curriculum is underpinned with a strong Pastoral Care Program that provides counselling and direction along with opportunities for leadership and service. Our Mission  focused activities ensure that students are often faced with helping others in need, creating a deeper appreciation that we live in an interconnected world and to recognise injustice and act to overcome it.

With a continuing emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy skill development, our teaching caters for varying learning styles, helping to enable practical problem solving, independent learning as well as team-building capabilities. Subject options diversify through these Middle School years as students are provided with greater opportunities for self-discovery in their education. By the end of Year 9, students are already mapping pathways in preparation for their Senior school years.

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