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Unveiling the Heart of Faith: Torrens Valley’s New Primary School Building

By Communications Team News 6/11/2023

Delivered by Marzelle Delport, Board Chair, to the staff of TVCS

Today is indeed a red-letter day in the narrative of Torrens Valley Christian School. We are all rejoicing this morning at the completion of this beautiful new primary school building, which will mean so much in shaping the hearts, minds, and lives of our primary students.

Today, we enter a new chapter. How are we going to write this chapter? How will the pen’s ink flow? Today, this building opens a new window and many possibilities for this Kingdom school.

Solomon had the honour of overseeing the construction of the Temple. In the earlier chapters of 2 Chronicles, the description of the building process can be found. Then, in the sixth and seventh chapters, Solomon offers a prayer of consecration for this newly finished temple.

In his prayer, Solomon seeks to establish an understanding with God wherein God would hear and answer any prayer that originated within the walls of this building or temple. Solomon urges God to enter into an agreement with Israel that when the people pray to God, whether to relieve a famine or to give them victory in combat against an approaching enemy, or to grant them forgiveness from their sins against God and against one another, God would grant their request. The only two things required for the prayers of the people to be answered would be for the people to enter the temple, repent of their sins, and seek God’s forgiveness. When that was done, Solomon wanted God to give him the assurance that all the prayers of the people would be answered.

I am glad to report to you today that there is nothing you can pray for and ask of God that God is unable to perform.

This new primary school building is nobody’s legacy. Yes, as the Board of TVCS, we worked hard on our vision for this building in consultation with many others, including you, staff, and leaders. We see this building as the fruit of our faithfulness.

This building is a tree that will carry in its walls the fruit of answered prayers, just as Solomon prayed. The fruit of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, insight, mentorship, discipleship, friendship, changed lives, and leadership. However, this building will also cast a shadow over the rest of the school, the middle school and senior school. In its shadow, all our students will find favour and blessings, not out of the brick and cement it is made of but out of the spirit it will carry, a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude, a spirit of being humble and hungry for more of Him, and for the blueprint of the gifts and potential He has instilled in each student and in us.

Our prayer today for this building is that, just as Scripture is the roof over our heads and the floor under our feet, this building will be both shelter in the storm and haven in rest. Through its skylights, we will see the vision of God for our school. In its cabinets, we will find food for our souls. In its mirrors, we will see ourselves for who we are. And through its windows, we will see the world through a Biblical lens. On its walls will be photographs of our own unique story. On its shelves will be stories of adventure and faith, of failure and victory, and of wisdom to live by. May the foundation of this building be God’s Word, a foundation that will never crack, never crumble, or never need repair.

Let the first door of this building be a gateway not only to fulfil educational needs but a gateway to finding Him, the King behind our vision. The Board wants to convey their deepest appreciation to you, the staff, non-staff, the leadership, students, and the community, who stood with us throughout the whole process, and yes, also through our Red Sea moments.

Today is a day to celebrate His goodness, and with gratitude, I want to utter the same words as David in Psalm 23:6, “Surely your goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives.”

Prayer: This morning, Abba Father, we come to you with joy and praise for your faithfulness in bringing about the establishment of the new Primary School building. Thank you for the vision you have given us as leaders, the wisdom you have given the engineers and architects, and the skilled craftsmanship you enabled to put this all together. May this building be a place where young and old experience the power of prayer, grow in knowledge, understanding, discipleship, and grow in love for themselves, You, Your Word, and others in the community. May this place be a place of hope, healing, joy, and peace. May no weapon formed against this place prosper, may each person who enters the building and the grounds of TVCS know Your Name. And may the love of Christ be at the centre of all that takes place within this building’s walls. Thank you that this building, this tree, will cast a refreshing shadow so that all our students, from reception to Y12, experience a shadow of hope, purpose, restoration, love, and finally a Kingdom vision for each of their lives.


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