Offering Christ-centred education for students from Reception to Year 12, the educational journey at Torrens Valley Christian School is tailor-made to meet the unique learning needs of students at every level.

Our Structure

Sharing one campus, students transition seamlessly from Primary to Middle to Senior School, with the freedom to explore the diversity of new learning experiences in the safety of community.

Our Primary School offers an engaging, dynamic and student focussed curriculum in a loving, caring environment for students from Reception to Year 6.

The stimulating, challenging learning environment of Middle School provides opportunities for young people in Years 7-9 to engage with learning in a relevant and meaningful way and establish strong foundations for future understanding.

The Senior School curriculum for students Years 10-12 is designed to continue developing students intellectually, physically, socially and spiritually. It also prepares students for life beyond secondary school and offers them the skills and knowledge to play an active and responsible role in society.