Our experienced teachers work together to create a nurturing and supportive environment that fosters a natural inquisitiveness and a love of learning from an early age.

Junior Primary

Setting the Foundation
Christian Schooling sets the foundations for a child’s life. Our Junior Primary teachers partner with parents as we seek to create a nurturing community that fosters the love of learning in a framework that puts Christ at the centre and encourages children to love God and one another.

Families are supported as they prepare their children to commence schooling with confidence and enthusiasm. Our transition program allows children to adjust gently, including half days for the first two weeks and a half day on the Wednesday for the rest of Term one. Our Reception children love participating with their teachers and classmates in our ‘Funtastics’ program to develop gross motor skills.

Children’s social, physical, emotional and intellectual abilities are all important areas of development and affect how well a child settles into school life. Literacy and Numeracy skills are highly valued and it is our delight to watch the children grow in confidence as these skills begin to develop. Natural curiosity and creativity are encouraged as children learn to marvel at the magnificent world God created. Friendships and play are fostered as children’s emotional wellbeing is enriched and they begin to understand what it means to be a child of God.

Grandparents’ Day is always a joyful time for our school as Junior Primary children share activities and a morning tea with their grandparents or special friends. Musicals, Assemblies, Carols Night and special events build our sense of Christian community as families join together to worship and celebrate the talents our children are developing