We are committed to nurturing our students’            God-given talents in our music program.


Our School has a vibrant music faculty with an accomplished team of music educators. The music program provides ample opportunities for development and growth in a variety of musical areas from Reception to Year 12. From Reception to Year 8 we provide two specialist music lessons per week and from Year 9 music becomes an elective subject. We select music from a wide range of styles to achieve learning goals

We have a number of ensembles dedicated to nurture and develop the musical skills of our students. Ensembles perform regularly at school and to the wider community.

CHOIRS: Junior Choir (Year 3 to Year 6), Senior Choir (Year 7 to Year 12) and Chamber Singers

BANDS: School Band (From Year 3), Class Band (From Year 6), Middle School Worship Band and Year 12 –Revamp Band.

STRING ENSEMBLE: Students learning the violin, viola, cello and double bass can join this ensemble.

We have a strong instrumental program with a team of well trained and experienced instrumental teachers. Instrumental lessons are in addition to the normal school fees, if you would like your child to receive Instrumental Lessons, please download the Application.

Application for Instrumental Lessons (pdf)

Every year the music faculty produces a major Musical production, alternating between Primary school and Secondary school. Students involved in the musical always find it a rewarding opportunity to discover their strengths and talents, an experience of a lifetime.