‘Come visit the best classroom in the World’

(John McEntee 2011).


Erudina Station and Sanderston Royal Heath Farm
The school offers two rural awareness adventures for Year 10 and 11 students as part of the Work Experience program. They are usually held at the end of term 3 during Work Experience week.

One is at Erudina Station in the north east of South Australia on a large sheep and cattle station.

The other is at Sanderston Royal Heath Farm, a wheat and sheep farm in Sanderston, on the edge of the Mount Lofty Ranges and Murray Plains.

The trips are ideal for students to use towards their Work Experience Placements; however, they also can be personalised to meet other subject area criteria or as learning experiences such as a study tour for a research project or as component of community service for a Personal Learning Plan. At Erudina Station students also are able to learn about local Aboriginal culture.

Attendees are asked to put forward an expression of interest, clearly stating why they want to attend, what area of study or work they would like to undertake and an outline of how they plan to go about their area of study.