Bullying & Harassment


Bullying and Harassment WILL NOT BE TOLERATED at Torrens Valley Christian School!

Bullying and Harassment is not being accepted because you are new or different. Physical bullying, such as hitting, pushing, punching and being physically threatening or Negative or aggressive body language and actions is not acceptable.

What should you do about it?

Step 1

The student can ignore the behaviour. By showing undesirable behaviour is not upsetting, the harasser is not rewarded and the harassment may stop.

If it does not stop:

Step 2

The student can confront the person who is harassing and tell her or him that the actions are unwanted. It may stop then.

If harassment continues:

Step 3

The student can talk it over openly with trusted adults who can help with the decision about what to do.

If harassment continues:

Step 4

The student can report the matter directly to the care group teacher or subject teacher and make a plan with her/him to deal with the problem.

If the harassment still does not stop:

Step 5

The student can go with the care group teacher and/or parents to the appropriate co-ordinator and allow these people to take the action they see necessary.