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Reception Information Pack

Welcome to Torrens Valley Christian School

A Christ-centred learning environment that believes in each students’ potential to become kingdom builders and contributors to their wider community.

In the below digital information pack, we invite you to uncover the heart and soul of our school, which is authentically Christian and committed to nurturing young minds. As you move through the information, you’ll discover a world of educational excellence, unwavering values, and a community dedicated to your child’s growth.


Explore our prospectus to learn more about Torrens Valley Christian School. It includes information about each sub-school and other activities that make our school unique.

Torrens Valley Christian School | Prospectus


Primary School Information Booklet

In our Primary School,  we lay the groundwork for a life of learning, guided by Christian values and a passion for discovery.

Primary School | Information Brochure

School Fees

We believe in making things simple for families. That’s why we offer a straightforward fee structure – just one all-inclusive tuition fee for each year level. This includes a laptop, textbooks, stationery, camps and excursions, and more.

Additional charges for optional expenses like music tuition and VET Courses will be added to your account. The cost of the uniform is an additional cost that varies according to the year level of the student.

2023 Tuition Fees

First Child Second Child Third Child Fourth Child
Junior Primary (Reception – Year 2) $5,357 $4,555 $2,680 Nil
Primary School (Year 3 – Year 6) $6,384 $5,426 $3,192 Nil
Middle School (Year 7 — Year 9) $8,669 $7,369 $4,334 Nil
Senior School (Year 10 — Year 11) $9,047 $7,690 $4,523 Nil
Senior School (Year 12 — includes Year 12 Jumper) $9,187 $7,830 $4,663 Nil

Sibling discounts apply to siblings currently attending school.
A 5% discount applies if the full-year fees are paid by Friday 10 February 2023.

Download TVCS Fee Schedule 2023

Entry Deposit

A $500 refundable Entry Deposit is required prior to a student commencing tuition. Concessions are available to families starting more than one child at the same time.


The Journey

Finding and enroling your child in a school can be daunting. To simplify the process, below is a step-by-step guide to the journey from initial inquiry to enrollment for parents of students entering Reception.

1. Make Enquiry

Your first step.

2. Tour

One of the best ways to decide whether TVCS is for you is to visit.

3. Application

Formally submiting an application.

Enrolment Conversation

A time to learn more about your family and how we can best help your child.

4. Acceptance

Welcoming you into our community.

5. Parent Information Evening

A night to meet with your child's Reception teacher

6. Kindy Visits

Learning more about your child.

7. Orientation Sessions

These sessions allow you and your child to visit the space and get to know the TVCS community.

Hear from our parents

A Deep Sense of Love and Care

"We love how TVCS is unwavering in their Christian beliefs and education. The school staff have a deep sense of love and care for each of our children, encouraging them to do their best while taking into consideration their individual needs, talents and interests.

The TVCS community resonates with our understanding of community and has brought not only a tangible sense of belonging but a positive impact in the Hope Valley area."

Christian Environment

"It was really important to us to have our children educated in a Christian environment where believing in Jesus is recognised and encouraged by teachers, staff, and their peers. Having four children move into different year levels, we were anxious about how the transition would go, since coming from a much smaller school.

When they came out of the school gate at the end of the day, their faces said it all. I was collecting smiling, bright-eyed children at the end of the day."

Commitment to Student Wellbeing

"The thing I love most about the school is their commitment to student wellbeing, which is one of the many reasons we chose TVCS for our childrens’ education.

The staff have been so helpful in supporting both the kids to settle into a new school when anxieties were high. I know how students feel about school is connected to positive learning, and they have both been given strategies and support to feel happy, safe and cared for in this community."

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We believe in the power of personal connection. If you're eager to learn more about Torrens Valley Christian School's Primary School and the remarkable educational journey we offer, we invite you to get in touch.

Whether you have questions, want to register for tour, or simply wish to explore how your child can thrive in our Christ-centered environment, our admissions team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Let's embark on this exciting journey together, shaping a bright future for your child. Contact us today at 8126 2200 or enrol@tvcs.sa.edu.au to continue the conversation. We look forward to welcoming you into our TVCS family!

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