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Senior School

Senior School embraces the final three years of secondary education, Years 10, 11 and 12. These years are the final chapter of all the effort and inspiration of our students’ learning in Primary and Middle School. Using their special gifts and talents, our students will now be fine-tuning their subject selections in preparation for leaving school and entering the world of work and tertiary study. Our task is to ensure they make the most of these latter years of high school, enjoying their experiences and becoming independent learners, confident individuals and compassionate members of society.

Stories from Senior School

The majestic Flinders Ranges


Year 11 Flinders Ranges Camp 2020

The majestic ranges start to become clearer, rising high above the horizon as our bus travels towards its destination…

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School shines nationally at Vetamorphus retreat


What an amazing gift it is to lead worship, to give praise and thanksgiving to our God…

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