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Expressions of interest

Temporary Relief Teachers (TRT)

Temporary relief teachers receive great work flexibility and variety by filling in for absent teachers and providing extra support in schools and preschools on a daily and casual basis.

Registered teachers who are seeking temporary relief teaching opportunities are invited to express their interest with us.

Expression of interest TRT Applications are to be completed in the TRT Application Form with Statement of Christian Commitment.

How do I provide my expression of interest?

Complete the TRT Application Form

Please complete the application form in full even when some details will be repeated in your curriculum vitae.

Complete the TRT Application form

Provide Curriculum Vitae

Applicants are also invited to provide a concise curriculum vitae including personal details, church involvement, career experience, academic attainments, cultural interests, sporting activities.

Statement of Christian commitment

Applications should include a Statement of Christian Commitment. This statement should cover your relationship with Jesus Christ and your view of the Bible.

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