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Thrive Week at TVCS

By Emily Morton News, Senior 21/05/2022

In Week 3, our Senior School students participated in ‘Thrive Week’, an intentionally crafted week designed to empower our students through formational learning experiences to engage in living the kingdom story.

This week aimed to capture the SACE Thrive Elements: Zest forLife (lifelong learning), Deep understanding & Skilful action, Ability to transfer learning, Agency, Human Connectedness and Belonging.

‘Thrive Week’ involved three formational and experiential learning activities:
Year 10 CAMP
This incredible Outdoor Ed experience, at Kuitpo Forest and Mylor, provided students with
opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in building resilience, teamwork, problem
solving, community building, growth mindset and the chance to sit in wonder with God’s

Year 11&12 e
A selected team of Year 11 & 12 students represented the school and competed in the SACSA Rijken Cup, an inaugural SACSA week-long competition for numerous sports for our Year 11 & 12 squad.

Year 11 & 12s immersed themselves in self-directed learning. This empowered students through having agency and choice in their learning at school. They spent the week continuing with current and new course work in each of their subjects, growing in skills and knowledge through self-directed tasks.

It is nothing but a pious wish and a grossly unwarranted hope that students trained to be passive and non-creative in school will suddenly, upon graduation, actively contribute to the formation of Christian culture. — Nicholas Wolterstorff

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