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TVCS makes huge leaps in digital technology

By Emily Morton Senior 17/03/2021

Over the last three years, Torrens Valley Christian School (TVCS) has been making huge leaps in the use of digital technologies in the classroom.

Organisations like AISSA, EdTechSA and SACE have recognised TVCS’ innovative approach to technology, with the school aiming to equip students with the life skills to thrive in the digital world.

Moving forward in education, it is vital that students are equipped for a world heavily reliant on digital technology and have the essential skills in order to success in an every changing world. These skills include resilience, problem solving/computational thinking and collaboration. The curriculum has adapted to incorporate the use of technology in all subject areas but also to include these fundamental skills so our students can be life long learners.

This ever changing digital environment has meant that new software programming and computers have been adapted this year for primary students.


In Primary School, TVCS aims to provide the building blocks that give students a sound base to achieve their best using ICT. Recently, new laptops have been introduced into classes to facilitate this.

These laptops allow the students to experience the latest software and websites for their educational development.

Students use websites for research based tasks, as well as for regular activities such as Typing Tournament and StudyLadder. Testing is also conducted online using Literacy Pro. NAPLAN has also migrated to the online space.

Other software that is used by Primary Students on the laptops include Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Maths Pathway and Encyclopaedia Britannica.

With the technological needs for student increasing rapidly, TVCS is rising to meet the challenge.

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