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TVCS has Scholastic Reading Stars!

By Communications Team Primary 21/06/2022

Torrens Valley Christian School students love reading!

In term one we had four awards presented by Scholastic. The winners all received a $10 voucher to the Scholastic book club and a certificate that was presented to them in the Library by Miss Mundy and Mrs Barden.

The recipients of the 4 Scholastic reading star awards for term one are:

Jude B 3A most Lexile Quizzes taken at 79

Divan W 5W most words read: 1,660,338

Millamae F 6H equal most books borrowed at 58

Marley F 7 equal most books borrowed at 58

Well done to the four winners and to all the student’s who are borrowing,  doing Lexile quizzes and reading! Keep it up. 

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