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Blue, Red & White — Symbolising the love of God

Our traditional colours are blue, red and white. These colours together symbolise the love of God which flows throughout our school.

  • Blue symbolises harmony between one another and the purity of holiness that we are called upon by Christ to put on.
  • Red symbolises the shed blood of Jesus Christ who offers us salvation and eternal life.
  • White symbolises the Holy Spirit interwoven into our lives.


The Uniform Guidelines

We believe school uniforms play a vital role in fostering a positive learning environment. While adhering to a dress code is compulsory, it’s much more than just following rules.

Unity and Belonging
Our uniforms create a sense of community and belonging for all students. Everyone wears the same colours, removing any distinction based on personal style or socioeconomic background. This fosters a sense of equality and allows students to focus on building friendships and learning together.

Focus and Learning
By eliminating distractions associated with everyday clothing choices, uniforms help students concentrate on their studies. This enables them to get the most out of their school day without feeling pressure to compete with the latest trends.

School Pride and Respect
Wearing the Torrens Valley Christian School uniform instils a sense of pride in students. They become ambassadors for our school, representing our values both within and outside the classroom.

A well-maintained, appropriate uniform reflects both school pride and personal respect. It allows students to project confidence and focus on their academic achievements. By working together, the school and families can ensure all students feel prepared and ready to succeed at Torrens Valley Christian School.

Uniform Shop | R—12 Uniform Guidelines


Casual Clothes Guidelines

During Casual Clothes days, students should adhere to the Casual Clothes Guidelines here.


Uniform Shop — 2024 Opening Hours

Tuesday | 8.15am — 11.15am & 2.00pm — 4.00pm
Thursday | 8.15am — 11.15am
Email | torrensvalleycs@alinta.com.au

Uniforms can be purchased via online store, telephone or email. Orders are processed during opening hours.

The below link will take you to the uniform shop. If you do not have an account, please click ‘Don’t have an account?’ to create one.

Uniform Shop — Alinta Online Store


Frequently Asked Questions

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided with uniform information that may assist you and your families.

View Uniform Shop FAQ’s

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