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What’s the big purpose of a ‘Christian’ School?

By Emily Morton News 24/08/2021

It’s important that the Christian school community has a really good idea of why it has been established. When this ‘purpose’ question is clear, it provides passion and cohesion to the key directional aspects of school life. So, what is the purpose of Christian Education?

The purpose of Christian schooling is to:

  • Role Model. This is the teacher being ‘Jesus’ to their students. Its having integrity in what is done and, by example, students will see how the Kingdom works
  • Relationship: This is the ‘its all about the teacher/student relationship.’ The Christian school is a unique community that provides the freedom to talk about faith, shape and influence young lives, and make those special connections that teachers can.
  • Evangelism: As Christ’s image-bearers we can carry out the ‘great commission’ to make disciples. The school emphasises opportunities for faith challenges and facilitates opportunities for teachers to ask students ‘faith’ questions.
  • Consistent values: This is the view where the intertwine of the Christian outlook will have expression in our daily Christian walk. For Christian parents, they seek consistency between the values expressed at home and those at school.
  • Excellence: This is to do with setting the bar as high as possible and doing our very best for the Lord.
  • Pastoral care: Parents see Christian action in the extra pastoral care that their child might need.
  • Not just teaching, but transforming: God has created all things and He sustains His handiwork. There is no part of life that is unrelated to God. As the apostle Paul wrote: ‘Whether you eat or drink of whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God’ (1. Cor. 10:31). Therefore, we content that everything we do within Christian schools serves the Lord.

At Torrens Valley Christian School, we aim to care for our students with a focus on living out our school values: Believe, Belong and Become.

When we chose the words for this newsletter ‘Vision in Action’ we wanted to show you that on a daily basis we exemplify these values. There are many aspects and areas of school life where students are being prepared for experiencing life in all its complexities: its richness, hardships, triumphs and diversity. They are prepared to tackle problems both in school and after they leave school.

At Torrens Valley we teach our students to be ‘life long learners’ as they develop from a student into a family member, citizen, colleague, parent, volunteer.

To equip them, we provide students with an understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all areas of their life, so that they may be disciples who go out into the world to transform it. They leave school as humble servants, loving mercy and justice, and walking with God as they journey through life. They are stewards of God’s creation.

Written with assistance from CEN’s publication ‘Can’t Get Your Act Together’ (Martin Hanscamp)

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